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It was an amazing August 6th-7th weekend over at Randalls Island, New York. The Copita Telemundo is a youth tournament widely known for bringing together top talent from all states around NY. In order to participate, teams apply and organizers have a screening process to accept only the top teams.

Generation Z Soccer Academy and its 5 teams GZS UNITED U7, U9, U11, U13, and U17 were all accepted to the tournament and we had a great time participating in it. For us and especially for the kids it was long waited tournament for which we have been training hard, and the all that training paid off.

We were fortunate enough to go to the later stages of the tournament and we were fairly beaten by great teams who went on to win the titles of each category. That being said, our kids showed that with a combination of heart, perseverance, and fun, the were able to achieve new heights of greatness. We witness a fenomenal display of skills and team play from all of our teams in the tournament and we are very proud of all our players.

Another thing that stand out in this tournament was the level of solidarity that all of our parents showed. Each team had tents, coolers, food, fruit, water, gatorade, etc and everything was shared by everyone. It simply shows that our family value philosophy will go a long way with everything we are trying to teach our young players.

For us, all we form GZS Academy, we would like to thank everyone for such and amazing weekend, it is an honor to be able to coach such amazing young group of kids and teenagers.


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