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The name Generation Z Soccer refers to where we want our program to impact the most.  Generation Z is every kid born after the year 2000.


We have put together a Soccer Academy Program that will enable youngsters to learn the game, keep better fitness levels, have better use of their spear time, and most importantly have fun while doing it.  Soccer is a sport that can help kids understand the true meaning of working hard as a team member, as well as an individual.  


Our battle is against obesity, TV and Videogames, and we feel soccer is a great alternative to these bad habits.  This is why our soccer program runs throughout the entire year.





Our objective is to provide youngsters with the fundamental skills and a deep understanding of the game of soccer in order to enhance their teamwork mentality and core values, which is applicable in all facets of their lives.




Through soccer, encourage future generations to become part of a quality and affordable extra-curricular activity that will not only help them reach their full soccer potential, but will also teach them daily core values such TEAM WORK, DISCIPLINE, and RESPECT.

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