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GZS Academy now in NEW HAVEN!!!

Many people have requested our Academy to start a program in New Haven and we have listened, which is why we are delighted to announced that Generation Z Soccer Academy is opening its doors to an entire new city, the great City of New Haven. As always our main focus is to impact children with our philosophy, values, and discipline. Our targets are inner cities in order to give kids an alternative to video games, tv, and staying home.

We have been working hard with Hill Central School in order to start our program at this wonderful school and the day finally has arrive. The response from children and parents have been great and we are starting with a significant number of kids, which makes us really happy.

We want to thank all the people who have supported us and help us with this new location and new beginning, we can express how much we are grateful and how much we are looking forward to working with these amazing children.

Our program will run every Wednesday start today May 11th, 2016 at 6pm. Hill Central School is located at 140 Dewitt St. New Haven, CT.

For more information please call 203-520-3027 (for english)

Para mas información por favor llamar al 203-980-5134 (para español)

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