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Winter League Success!

During the past couple of months Generation Z Soccer Academy was involved in the Winter League at Goooal Sports in Stratford. We wee amazed to see the progress in our kids, not only in terms of soccer skills, technique, and understanding of the game, but most importantly in team work, hard work, solidarity with each other, and fair play.

Once again, we have seen the result of hard work and dedication from players and coaches. GZS Academy U8 & U12 got the 2nd Place in the League in each of their categories, while GZS U10 were UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONS!! Congratulations to our warriors in the field, who are always willing to run the extra mile to see their team succeed.

Another great demonstration of our family philosophy during the winter league was the amazing surprise the parents gave the kids at the end of the season. A group of parents decided to take initiative to get all kids from the teams backpacks with their names and GZS logo. Kids were thrilled to received that surprise and are committed to keep working hard in order to achieve better results.

Last, this is truly the experience of a lifetime for us and we would like to thank all the incondicional support we receive from parents, family members, and kids. WE ARE GENERATION Z SOCCER ACADEMY.

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