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GZS in Manchester UK

It has taken me a little while to share my Manchester adventure on the website, but I'm finally here to do it.

I had an opportunity of a lifetime to go the Manchester, UK to watch the Manchester Derby between Manchester United and Manchester City. For me it was a dream come true to watch my favorite team play against their bitter rivals. As a United fan I enjoyed every minute of the game, the athmosphere at Old Trafford was amazing to say the least.

During my trip I was able to make contact with one of the greatest ever Ecuadorian players, Antonio Valencia. I had the chance to tell him about our project with Generation Z Soccer and he was delighted to hear that have a soccer program that wants to creat great human beings and skillful soccer players. I was offered a ticket for the game and I was able to interview him the day after game (video coming soon). He also, was very happy to accept a small gift from GZS with his initials on it (T-shirt in the picture) and he autograph a couple of Man Utd jerseys so we can raffle them to raise some funds for the academy.

What stroke me the most is the level of sincerity and humbleness, his view of the world and how he feels blessed to be where he is. He gives credit to his succes to God, his family, hard work and dedication. He firmly believes that the key to reaching one's goal is to stay humble and remember where you come from. Last, he offered GZS to come visit in the next couple of years depending upon his busy schedule, but we will be ready to receive him in the way he deserves.

Thank you Antonio Valencia for an amazing experience!

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