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2016 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinics

The Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinics is a weekend event at the Mohegan Sun Casino that focuses on teaching coaches the new coaching techniques that have been proven to work by professionals of the game. Professional soccer coaches gather around for an entire weekend to teach proven methodologies in order to have players reach their full soccer potential. Coaches from across the world, England, Ireland, United States, Portugal, and many more speak throughout the weekend and help coahces understand the importance of our jobs.

Generation Z Soccer Coaches have always been committed to our mission, which is to deliver the best possible quality training to our kids. It is important for GZS Academy to make sure our knowledge and understading of the game is up to date, this is the reason why we gathered all of our coaches and traveled to the Mohegan Sun Casino in order to learn more about this amazing game. Needless to say, our coaches had a great time learning, but most importantly they will apply what they have learned during our soccer sessions.

We would like to thank our Coaches for their level of committment to our Academy and to our kids!

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