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Generation Z Soccer Ansonia, and Generation Z Soccer Bridgeport have united their players to form the GZS UNITED team. Our amazing kids will be participating in the widely known "Telemundo Copita" in Queens, NY this Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th, 2015. We will be represented by 3 teams U8, U10, and U12.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, Boku Night Club in West Haven and Tony's Huntintong Inn in Bridgeport, as well as the support of all the parents we will be experiencing this wonderful event.

GZS United players have been training every Friday afternoon to improve their soccer skills as well as learn team mentality, work ethic, and hardcore values which we believe will help them achieve new heights not only in their soccer journey, but in life. As a coach, I could not be more proud of this young group of kids, whom have demonstrated that they are willing to give it all to achieve greatness.

Always remember that:

"Success isn't given. It's earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat, and the occasional tear"

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