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GZS vs Green Warriors

It was an amazing soccer afternoon for the entire family of Generation Z Soccer Academy and the Green Warriors Academy of Norwalk, CT.

Green Warriors Academy visited Ansonia, CT to have 3 friendly matches against GZS Academy in the catergories of U8, U10, U12. For GZS it was an amazing oportunity to show the kids some of the competition out there and explain to them the values of being a respectful player on and off the field. It was also a great time to show the kids that the more you practice and train, the better you will get at this wonderful game of soccer.

During our games Mayor of Ansonia David Cassetti stopped by and had a chat with the kids about the importance of staying active, playing hard to win games, and to keep practicing in order to get better and better. We thank the Mayor for all his support to the community and to this great soccer program.

We would like to thank the Green Warriors Academy for coming up to Ansonia, CT to have the wonderful time, and we hope next time we can do it on the turf.

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