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GZS U14 2nd Place at the Copa Amistad

After 2 months of difficult competition, our U14 reached the finals of this wonderful tournament. We had to face a very tough opponent with really skillfull players Zamora U14.

For the first 10 mins of the 1st half GZS United U14 was winning the game 1-0, but Zamora came back before the half to take the lead at 1-3. After a great display of heart and desire from our youngters we held the score for as long as possible to a very well trained and prepare Zamora side. The final score was 1-5, but our players left with their head held high knowing that they gave 100% during the game.

My philosophy teaches that when everything is given in the field, there are no winners or losers, just champions! We salute our great GZS UNITED U14 for their courage and we will continue our hard work to make you better!!!

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