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Generation Z Soccer Academy started the Copa Amistad Tournament as a lerning experience for our kids. For the first time we were assembling 3 Futsal teams U10, U12, and U14. As an academy we know that Futsal skills are extremelly important in the development of a good soccer player, which is why we chose this tournament.

We started the tournament strongly with our U14, but our U10 and U12 were having a hard time adjusting to the little, but very heavy ball that is used. As a result, we decided to add one more day of training every week, which worked wonders for our kids. We have seen an amazing development in the technical and tactical skills.

It is no coincidence that after weeks of hard work, all of our teams have reached the semifinals of this great tournament. Once you reach this phase of the tournament there are no easy teams and we can assure you all games will be full of goals and drama.

We would like to invite everyone to come and support our teams this Saturday at 293 Clinton Ave. New Haven CT 06513. We are very excited

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